Custom Orthotics

One of our orthotics styles is sure to match your lifestyle.

No one-size fits all here! Every orthotic is hand-crafted to improve alignment, comfort, and relieve pain.

Foot Orthotics Prices Range from $130-$180

TF Action Sport

TF Action

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Provides a firm water resistant-platform with excellent durability and support for your sport.

TF Marathon

TF Marathoner

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This durable cushioned orthotic is designed to help you go the distance in comfort.

TF Dress

TF Dress

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This thin flexible orthotic is designed for office wear and will maintain alignment throughout your work day.

TF Dancer

Tf Dancer

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Ideal firm yet flexible low profile orthotic provides comfort and support for competitive dance.

TF Elite Athlete

TF Elite

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Provides extra thick cushioning for hiking and climbing.

Redi 3/4 HVD Worker

TF Avalanche

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This unique orthotic provides comfort and support for your winter sports activity: ie. skiing, snowboarding and skating.