Franco Zuccoli “The combination of Tend-a-Foot Orthotics, and Aetrex Shoes allows for proper alignment and foot strike, as a result my running is more effective with no injuries.”— Franco Zuccoli, Triathlete


“Dan has made inexpensive effective foot orthotics for my patients for 10 years helping to resolve their foot, ankle, knee and back issues. I highly recommend TEND A FOOT ORTHOTICS!.”

— Thomas Pearce, M.D.


“My staff and I have referred patients that would benefit from orthotics to Dan Bishop at TEND A FOOT ORTHOTICS for many years. Patients report the quality and feel of his custom orthotics are excellent. Dan’s knowledge, craftsmanship and attention to detail are a cut above the rest.

I would highly recommend Tend A Foot as a place for a cost effective and professionally crafted orthotics.”

— Chris Jensen, MSPT, ATC, CSCS
Clinical Director
Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation
Star PT Centers.com


“I have used Dan Bishop for foot orthotic interventions for a number of my patients and athletes. The feedback is always positive and the quality is excellent. I have used Dan Bishop’s Tend A Foot Orthotics for several years.”

— Mark Dickson, PT
Absolute Performance PT
8 Atwater Ave.
Manchester, MA 01944


“Regarding Dan Bishop of Tend A Foot Orthotics: He is a quality person who is very knowledgeable. He has helped many of our students and faculty (including me!) with great custom orthotics. We have all been pleased. He has helped many of my student athletes return to play by decreasing their pain or discomfort. I intend to send all my athletes to him in the future!.”

— Jeffrey B. Wotton
Head Athletic Trainer
Associate Atheltic Director
Governor’s Academy


“I’ve used Dan Bishop as my Orthotist for the past 3 years. his work is excellent and he accommodates my physical therapy clients with sports injuries as well as traditional PT cases. His work is solid and dependable. His prices are reasonable and I feel ou will be satisfied with his product.”

— Richard Silverman M.S. P.T.
Owner, The Ipswich Center Inc.


“Dan Bishop at Tend A Foot Orthotics is the very best when it comes to helping people overcome foot pain and fitting them from the right orthotics. Year after year, I have gone to and confidently referred my Personal Training Clients to Tend A Foot to help relieve their foot and subsequent back and knee pain. I generously share my orthotic success with each of my clients as well as my family and friends. My own feet and spinal issues have never been better! Dan’s personal attention and service are unparallelled. He takes time to talk with and help his patients understand their own body mechanics as well as his orthotic prescription. Whether you consider yourself and elite athlete or simply someone who wants to feel better – going to Dan Bishop at Tend A Foot Orthotics may be the best decision you make in the health of your feet, back and joints.”

— Lisa V. LaPlante.
ISSA Nationally Certified Fitness Trainer
Wellness Coach
Tai Chi Instructor